Friday, July 04, 2008

off to Chichester

Off to the RNA conference today, amid much family nagging.

Dad: I’m not happy about you driving all that way on your own.
Me, sighing: Dad, I used to travel a lot in my ratrace days. I’ve driven to Scotland on my own. I’ve tackled Glasgow in the rush hour. I’ll be fine. (Deliberately ignores fact will have to drive over the Dartford Bridge – am a tad wary of suspension bridges.)

DH: Have you got your route map printed out?
Me: Yes. (Fishing it out to prove it.) And I’ve printed out a short version to remind me which roads to look out for.
DH: Change for the toll. (Hands over coins.) And you’ve got some cash?
Me: I’m stopping at the cashpoint this morning.
DH: Phone charger?
Me, coughing: I have a packing list on my desk…

Honestly. Organisation is one of my major strengths, and they all know it. And it’s not that bad – it’s two hundred miles each way. Admittedly, I’m not used to motorway driving – more used to tiny narrow roads where you end up scraping the car in the hedge because White Van Man has to drive in the centre of the road – but I’m perfectly capable of doing this.

I think this is their way of saying they’re going to miss me.

Back on Monday with a full report of the conf and pics.

Oh, and ‘on the huh’ means ‘wonky, not straight’. Sadly, I don’t know the derivation and the Net isn’t helpful. But if you want to know what a real Norfolk accent sounds like (as opposed to the West Country mishmash that’s used on TV), go over to the Friends of Norfolk Dialect home page and listen to the sound files.


Liz Fielding said...

Hope the drive is straightforward, Pam and you've absolutely not need to panic about your talk. You'll be wonderful. Wish I could be there to line up the water the way you did for me!

Michelle Styles said...

You simply have men who care and worry about you. My dh is the same.
You will be wonderful and I look forward to hearing all about it!

Kitina said...

See I will say this, when I found out that Kate Hardy was a nomme de plume I was a little shocked (and i hope im right lol)--but then excited--because it ment that I had another "author" too look for even if the books werent about my neck of the woods! Which is pretty awesome

Have fun this weekend! Drive safely, and be safe.

Kate Hardy said...

Liz - thanks, it was. I wish you'd been there, too!

Michelle - mmm. They're fuss-pots. Posts going up over the next three days.

Kitina - thanks for visiting! And thank you for the lovely, lovely comment. I did indeed have fun, and I'll tell all about it over the next few days.