Thursday, July 10, 2008

back to earth

Current work: revisions to MH book 1
Listening to: David Coverdale
Reading: Sharon Penman, The Sunne in Splendour (finished it last night and it made me cry)

So. Back to normal today. Haven’t quite caught up on my sleep, but am working on it (as well as my revisions).

DH managed to ‘mislay’ Madam’s school report while I was away. (How? Why didn’t he just put it where I put theatre tickets etc?) However, I begged a second copy from school. DH enlightened me that it doesn’t have her exam results in it (so will have to ask for a copy of that too) but am very pleased with her report. She’s NICE as well as clever. And I do think it’s important to be a decent human being and be kind to others.

Twelve days until the end of school. Going to be very sad this year as they both move on to their next schools – Madam is moving to son’s current school so that won’t be so bad, but I’ll really miss the infant school. Big chunk of my life there, including my involvement with the PTA and as a governor. Will be a completely new routine in September as we need to leave the house 30 minutes earlier. As Madam is an owl rather than a lark, this will be interesting… and I also lose my first-thing-in-the-morning work time.

Plan for today: revisions. I need to make the conflict clearer to readers. But the important bit for me is that one of the secondary characters – whose book is next – doesn’t need changing. Big sigh of relief there. (Authorial paranoia. Doncha just love it?)


Julie Day said...

I know what you mean about the sleep. I think I'm still catching up on mine. It was back to normal with a bump for me on Tuesday, going back to work. Oh well. It was good to see you at Chichester and I know we all had a great time, despite from lack of sleep.

Debs said...

Thanks for all the excellent posts on the conference. I could only make Saturday so it was lovely to be able to catch up on the rest of the weekend.

Melissa Marsh said...

I always have to leave the house about 45 minutes early to drop the kids off at school and then swing around and go to work. Hate that morning commute. Now if I could come HOME after doing the commute, I'd be a lot happier. :-)