Monday, July 21, 2008

on top of the world (well, the charts, anyway)

Current work: admin and Modern Heat (I will get time to work, I will, I will)
Listening to: Kathryn Williams
Reading: The Queen’s Fool, Philippa Gregory (whoops, got the title wrong last week)

Lovely weekend. The radio interview was fab (more on this tomorrow). Very sad to say goodbye to our headteacher on Friday but her leaving do was a real celebration. The word that kept being used was ‘outstanding’ – very true. Her shoes will be very difficult to fill.

Then my best friend was up for the weekend – lots of talking and laughing and consumption of chocolate. (Helped by lovely, lovely India Grey who not only sent me her new book, she sent me chocolate to say thanks for telling her about the Chopin piece. Thank you, India.)

Yesterday evening, went to see my cousins and went through all the wonderful wedding pics.

And then I caught up with work and a couple of interviews and blog pieces that needed to be written. As part of it, I checked the URL for my new US book, and had an amazing surprise. Not only is One Night, One Baby STILL in the e-harlequin top 10 ebooks (that’s three weeks now), yesterday it was NUMBER ONE!

So I’m on top of the world. And the charts – because I’m also still in the Jarrolds local bestseller charts. And my new book is out and Waterstone's had already practically sold out. DH – who doesn’t have the book bug – grabbed it and hasn’t put it down all weekend. I decided to ask him what he thought (he’s painfully honest, so this was actually major bravery on my part). ‘It’s really interesting.’ (That’s DH-speak for utterly brilliant. My husband is extremely laid-back: the most he'll usually say about anything is that it's ‘all right’.)

Colour me very happy.

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