Wednesday, July 23, 2008

end of an era

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Reading: Kate Harrison, The Secret Shopper’s Revenge (excellent)

Yesterday was the end of an era. Both children are moving up to the next school in September, so it’s the end of a 7-year association with the Infant School. Very sad. But we’re looking forward to the future.

Today was officially the first day of the school hols. Did some church-crawling (for the book), which was a bit of a mixed bag. First church: locked. But I did get the shots I needed of the saint’s well. Road to the second church was a tad hairy – we’re talking roads not much wider than my car. Reached the church, parked in the field that had a ‘church car park’ notice – and then an enormous combine harvester arrived. Glad I missed that, I thought with relief - and then watched as it turned into the field towards my car… (The car was OK. I had a bad moment.) And after all that the church was locked. But the keyholder was next door and handed over an enormous key. Found the wallpainting, but it was very faint; and the epitaph I was looking for was either no longer legible or was some ancient antiquarian’s idea of a leg-pull. Visited Dad; then on to the next church. Got the photos I wanted; but then in our final church of the day the two epitaphs I was looking for weren’t there. (One was almost 300 years old, and outside, so it was probably illegible from wear.) The churchwarden and gift shop man were both very kind and suggested I came back for a chat with the archivist.

I could just repeat epitaphs collected by Victorian enthusiasts, but I want to check they’re still there; so there will be some jiggery-pokery for that chapter, sigh.

Tomorrow – into town to purchase last-minute holiday bits (and maybe do some churches, but will tell my research assistants just before we start). I really need this holiday. Would help if I could stop waking up at 4 a.m. and then being too wide awake to go back to sleep.

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