Saturday, June 30, 2007

quick note from Kate

Mood – pretty good
Music – The Click Five
Current book – outline of Spanish Doc

Was absolutely shocked to see the news last night and my thoughts are with those who’ve been affected. Hope everyone who normally comes here from the north and midlands is doing OK and their friends and families are safe.

Update on what's going on: piano lesson yesterday was great (am learning ‘Yesterday’ – right hand is already OK, left hand needs a bit of practice and I might even have the confidence to add chords in a week’s time); finished my MX and sent it to my ed (along with that pic of Jensen in the hope she’ll be so overawed by his gorgeousness that she won’t make me rewrite the entire book – especially the hero as I really like him, and that could be a bad sign); went shopping with DH last night and I think I might be making some progress on my greenhouse campaign. I was looking at the display greenhouse (which I didn’t like) when he reminded me that I was bequeathed one three years ago. However, am not allowed to have that greenhouse because he says it’s falling apart and it’s too dangerous. (Agreed. I’ve said all along I want safety glass. So that suggests he DH has been thinking about what I’ve been saying and is slowly coming round to the idea.)

Plan for today: guitar, tidy house, start licking outline of Spanish doc into shape and send it to ed, and party both here and over at Kate Walker’s place. Today's horoscope is v interesting: 'This is a terrific day for you, dear Aquarius, and you will find that there is a great deal of power at your disposal. This is a day of new beginnings. You have the opportunity now to start over and create a solid emotional base from which to work. Rid yourself of negative feelings and self-doubt. Use this day as an opportunity to strike out on new ground and achieve whatever you set your heart on.' I bet the entire SDP are groaning at that... :o)

Right – enough from me. Another guest blogger is about to arrive – and as Amy’s in a completely different time zone from me and has just come off night shift, go and give her a hug and answer her question below! (Did I mention she's a nurse as well as a writer? Definitely Superwoman!)

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