Saturday, June 30, 2007

June 27 - Kate’s 25th party, first three winners

We have winners from my initial post and my first two guests!
Please can the following email me with their snailmail details so their prizes can be posted to them?
Katie S - a copy of Breakfast at Giovanni’s
Cheryl S – a copy of Amy Andrews’ Single Dad, Outback Wife – and she’s also sending you a copy of Mothers-to-Be! (I still have major cover envy. I want a spaniel on my cover. I have a great cover model, provided the pose can be an undignified 'I want my tummy rubbed' one...)
Maureen – a copy of Liz Fielding’s Reunited: Marriage in a Million

Many thanks


(and please keep coming back – I have lots more guests over the next three weeks!)

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Kate Hardy said...

Comments from t'other place:

KATIE S SAID: Wow! Thanks Kate! And thanks to Byron for picking my name! I knew he looked like a smart dog ;-)
This is great because it always take forever for your books to come out in NZ!

JENNA SAID: I clicked over the day Amy's post was up and thought you'd have everyone come up with 25 things!

Back to lurking...though you should do a post on your next 25 books ;)

KATE HARDY SAID: Thanks, Katie :o) Got your email so it'll be on is way.

Jenna - I did think about it, and then I remembered things like deadlines and conferences and it's holiday season... so I went for the 'just write what you want' approach. Don't lurk, you could win stuff!

... a post on my next 25... hm... I've written, um... 5 of them and just starting on #6... :D

CHERYL S SAID: Wow! Thanks! And congratulations to the other winners too. I'm really enjoying the party.

KATE HARDY SAID: Thanks, Cheryl - it's great fun, isn't it?