Saturday, June 30, 2007

June 28 - Kate’s 25th party, guest blogger #4 – Susan Stephens

Today’s author is one of my fellow Modern Extra authors – she also writes for Modern/Presents. I first met Susan Stephens at (oh, man, this is going to sound as if I spend my whole life doing this, and I swear I don’t, but…) an M&B author party. We were both very new at that point, with our first books just about to come out, way back in September 2002. And I was so relieved I wasn’t the only new author among this crowd of Very Famous People!

Like me, Susan’s on a tight deadline at the moment, but she’s been kind enough to write a few words for me.

So here’s Susan Stephens:

Congratulations on your 25th book, Kate!

It's always a pleasure to congratulate a fellow author on such an important milestone, and especially one with your energy. You write fast, you live life to the full, and you organise the pants off anyone I know!

In short, you are amazing.

Keep up the wonderful work, Kate.
Susan xx

GIVEAWAY: Susan is giving away a copy of her August Presents release, One-Night Baby.

GIVEAWAY QUESTION : My question is all about hero names. Question: What is the name of my hero in One-Night Baby [tip from Kate - the link to her website is above] and what kind of names do you like or dislike for heroes?

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Kate Hardy said...

Last lot of commments from the last place!

KATE HARDY SAID: I know the answer to the first bit but am not telling *g*

Hero names. Hmm. At the moment, I'm writing a Spanish doctor. His name is Leandro. But that might change to Alejandro - depends what he says when he's clearer in my head.

I tend to use short names - throughout the book, Giovanni is referred to as 'Gio' (and Francesca as 'Fran', come to that). My very first M&B hero was Sam, followed by Ben, Alex and Nic (short for Niccolo).

One thing I have noticed is that I never use names of people I've known in real life and not liked. For some reason they tend to end up as my anti-heroes' names...

CRYSTAL B SAID: The hero in One-Night Baby is Santino Rossi. I don't like names that are hard to pronounce because it makes the book harder to read. I like strong names for heroes.

LIZ SAID: Santino Rossi! I love hero names beginning with J -- Jack is my favourite.

ANONYMOUS SAID: Santino Rossi! And I like names that reflect who they are, you know? Names that fit. My soldier was a strong, dependable name - Jonas. I had a sexy, no-nonsense cowboy named Mike. And I like short names too - my Nathan became Nate and I like my heroines to have names I can shorten. Alexis is Alex. Margaret is Maggie. Mariella is Mari. :-)

DONNA ALWARD SAID: Ooops! The above comment was me. Forgot to put in my name, duh.

CHRYSTY HAWKES SAID: Congratulations on 25 Kate.

Hi Susan. The hero's name is Santino Rossi.

SUSAN STEPHENS SAID: Hello! And once again huge congratulations to Kate for being spectacularly productive and well organised- did I mention the productive part last time?? And smiley. Talking of which:)
Great to see you all here!


I have huge trouble with hero names - i'm always changing them at the last minute. good thinkg i only had one son to have to name cos there are zillions i just don't like! and yeah, they need to be short and strong sounding... and i promised not to use any family names and both my hubby and my families are male dominated (except for our own kids!) and ENOUGH waffle already... ;)

SUSAN STEPHENS SAID: Thank you all for taking part, and congratulations to Christy, our winner today.

Could you send your snail mail to Christy please, or if you're in the US to Lee@susan

Thank you! I look forward to hearing from you. And once again huge thanks to everyone else for taking part- and huge congrats to Kate Hardy too for her fabulous twenty-fifth!