Saturday, June 30, 2007

Thursday 28 March – quick note from Kate

Mood – pretty good
Music – Sheryl Crow
Current book – Spanish Doc c1

Finished wrestling with outline; currently wrestling with problem of which way to drive to school which doesn’t involve crossing the river. Road was flooded quite badly last night (obviously not as badly as in Yorkshire and the Midlands – am relieved to report my friends and their families are safe so far – but badly enough for me not to want to drive through because you can’t see any debris on the road which might do major damage to the car) so I think this morning we need to go the really long way round.

Have the terribly hard job of looking up inspiring pics for my Spanish doctor at the moment. One of these days, the Pink Heart Society will listen to me and give Antonio a Male on Monday slot… but they are being kind to me today and have invited me to blog about my all-time favourite category romance. It’s simply the best category romance ever written and I so wish I’d written it! Definitely one for the keeper shelf. And if you want to know what it is… go and take a look here.

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