Wednesday, June 10, 2015

sticky stuff and getting there

Very productive discussion with the doctor yesterday, so things are moving forward on one front. The other sticky stuff is pending test results, so keep your fingers crossed that my GP is just being ultra-cautious. This is shaping up to be another character-forming year... Still. Grit teeth and carry on. Good session at the gym - 'day 3' is my favourite one, i.e. the weights-and-cardio circuits (kind of a cross between a Pump class and a Cardio Blast class, and the idea is to look at what I did last time for each exercise and do more reps this time - so it's pretty hardcore but it suits me perfectly). Feeling a bit rubbish today (stress always torpedoes my sleep) but made myself go in - was a good decision because it helped. 5m peak, 36m cardio and 15m fat burn (and 475 cals torched - yay me!). Have a nice day smile emoticon]

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