Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Great 121 today - cardio (9m peak, 26m cardio, 12m fat burn and 456 cals - but better still I can see the pace picking up on some of the exercises, so I'm pleased). Had to apologise to DH this morning for waking him up at 2.30am - literally screamed myself awake from a bad dream. This is the one euphemistically known in this house as the 'burglar dream' (not actually a burglar - um - y'know the scene at MacDuff's castle? That, except in my childhood home, and the fact I always need to hug the dog a lot in the morning after and also check my kitchen knives are where they should be - you get the drift). Interestingly the fitbit showed a spike in my heart rate exactly when I was having the nightmare. (I have yet to persuade my ed to let me do a sleep research book. She's right - I'll get far too carried away with the medicine - but it's so INTERESTING!) Righty. Nagging phone calls and then work ahoy. Have a nice day! :)

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