Wednesday, April 11, 2012

where does the time go?

Current work: about to start revs on Vienna book
Listening to: Vivaldi (playing it on guitar rather than listening to)
Reading: Essie Fox, The Somnambulist (enjoyed – very good period detail); Jojo Moyes, Me Before You (superb)

Am being a Very Neglectful Blogger. Apols. Is school holidays, so I have no real routine, and bank holidays mean I have to look at a calendar and work out what today is.

What have I been up to? Chilling with the family, spending time in the kitchen with littlest, reading, watching films and documentaries, messing about on guitar and piano. Oh, yes, and we have a research trip booked – something I didn’t think I’d say this year, given it’s our Year of Austerity. We’re staying in England, but the children put in a bid for the sea. I have half an outline in my head and specific places I want to see, within walking distance of the cottage. Lost my bid for the smuggler’s cottage, complete with tunnel; and the ancient scheduled monument in York (way out of our budget); and the cottage that was 50m from the beach. But the location was more important than the accommodation, so we have reached a workable compromise. Now to persuade DH that we need to take wellies. As in he can sit with a coffee and the paper by the beach, if he chooses, but I intend to go fossil-hunting with the kids.

Revisions have landed. Have sent my nerdy table to my ed (yay, nerdiness works for her) and, once she’s happy with how I’m planning to fix the problems, I can get cracking.

That’s me up to date. How was your Easter?

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