Tuesday, April 03, 2012

elsewhere again today

Current work: on holiday (aka baking and taking car in to be fixed)
Listening to: actually, playing guitar duets with daughter (am on holiday)
Reading: Lucinda Riley, The Girl on the Cliff

Today, I’m over at the Pink Heart Society with one of my favourite deadline recipes. I guess it’s sort of springlike, as the colours of daffodils and tulips are involved :o)

Other than that, a warning light has illuminated on the car dashboard. The manual said it’s the ‘malfunction’ light (clearly they like being vague rather than telling you what it actually means), so it was off to the garage this morning to see what’s wrong. Turns out it’s a sensor in the exhaust, so it’s back again later this week.

Tomorrow, I will tell a story that arachnophobes might like to avoid…

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