Monday, April 23, 2012


Current work: revisions on Vienna book (nearly, nearly, NEARLY there)
Listening to: Bach
Reading: next on TBR

Apologies for being a bad blogger. Am under revisions cosh. I did however skive off for part of yesterday – lunch out at DH best friend’s, then we went for a walk in Foxley Woods to see the bluebells.

Although most of the plants around here have been out a couple of weeks early, I think we were really a little too early for the bluebells – another fortnight, and the carpet will be magic.

Even so, we saw primroses.

And bluebells. (Proper English bluebells with a scent, not hybrids.)

And a bit of a bluebell carpet.

While we were there (and we will gloss over the ditches DH made me clamber through and the fact he was very close to letting me fall flat on my face in the mud), there was a massive storm about six miles away. The thunder was incredible, because it’s not like hearing a storm in a city with a background of traffic. This was birdsong, birdsong, and literally five seconds of booming, rolling thunder. This scene over the oilseed rape fields will give you an idea of the sky.

And this one taken from the churchyard in Foxley – that’s not a blue sky, by the way. That’s the storm, with the sun shining from behind us to the trees.

 And maybe this one sums it up the best. Glorious.

The day involved too much talking, too much laughing, and too much eating (as all the nicest days do). And I think I’ve cracked my revisions. I’m on the last readthrough, now, just making sure I’ve got enough emotion in there. (And yes, I am expecting second revisions. And praying it’s not a rejection. Been there, done that, with the Venice book (after two complete rewrites) and I do not want to go back there.)

Have a nice day. Happy St George's Day; happy birthday to Shakespeare; and I'm back to the saltmines :o)


Louisa George said...

Oh, Kate, what wonderful photos. you're making me very homesick with those bluebells. I used to spend endless hours playing with my siblings and cousins in 'Bluebell Wood' over the road from my Auntie's house....hope the revisions go well xxx

Liz Fielding said...

Great pictures, Kate. We had a sky like that yesterday, with our oak tree just beginning to bud in front of it. I was in the middle of weekly hour long chat with aged aunt, so no chance of a photo. :(

Caroline said...

Lovely photos. Can't beat the UK when it shines! Caroline x

Shirley Wells said...

What wonderful pictures. No sign of a bluebell this far north. No sign of much sunshine either. :) We had a humdinger of a thunderstorm too. Hate thunder.

The very best of luck with those revisions. See you on the other side!