Thursday, April 12, 2012

lucky 7 meme

Current work: revisions on Vienna book
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Reading: Jojo Moyes, Me Before You (very, very moving)

Have been tagged by my mate and fellow Riva author Nicola Marsh on a meme. Rules: go to p77 of your current work, 7th line down, and paste the next 7 sentences. Then tag 7 others.

Oh, dear. I spy infodump, whining and way too much navel-gazing. My red pen is going to have a field day. (And yes, I cheated. I added line 8. That single line is the whole point of all that verbiage. Harsh editing required!)

Polly took advantage of the moment to splash her face with cold water. Yes, Liam Flynn was gorgeousness personified, and a really nice guy to boot, but she couldn’t get involved with him. Even if it wasn’t too soon after Harry, there were other things in the way. Liam wanted to work on Broadway when Ballroom Glitz had finished; this phone call sounded as if he was well on his way to making that happen. And, if he was in New York while she was in London, that would mean being apart for a long time. That, or she’d have to give up any security she had in London to join him – in a place where she knew nobody and where she couldn’t be sure that she and Liam were looking at forever, either.
Neither option was one she wanted.
So she just had to forget about that kiss.

Who do I tag?

Shirley Wells
Kate Jackson
Michelle Styles
Nell Dixon
India Grey
Julie Cohen
Fiona Harper


Shirley Wells said...

Oh, I love Polly and Liam already. But I always love your characters.

Thank you for tagging me (I think). I'll be brave later and look at p77 of the current pile of tosh. ;)

Sharon Kendrick said...

But what if you're only on page 25?

Cara Cooper said...

Don't be too harsh on yourself Kate, all that looked pretty darn good to me!

Kate Jackson said...

This is a sneak preview of your ballroom dancing book, Kate? Can't wait to read the real thing.

Being tagged made me squeak - I haven't edited as far as page 77 - yet! But I'll be brave...

Lacey Devlin said...

Loved it!

Kate Hardy said...

Shirley - thanks :) And yours will be excellent and not at all a pile of tosh!

Kate Hardy said...

Sharon - then you cheat and use p7 :)

Kate Hardy said...

Cara - no, it needs slash and burn!

Kate Hardy said...

Kate - yep, 'tis the dancing book. LOL, you can do p 7 if you like :) And I've done your sunshine meme today.

Kate Hardy said...

Lacey - thank you :)

Nell Dixon said...

Done! Sneak peek of Radio Gaga

Julie Cohen said...

Thanks for tagging me, Kate! I've done it now.

Love the sneak preview!