Friday, April 27, 2012


Current work: new medical (while awaiting ed’s verdict on Vienna book)
Listening to: playlist for new book (Take That, Coldplay, Sheryl Crow, Bryan Adams – oh, this is a goodie)
Reading: Annie Claydon, Doctor on Her Doorstep (enjoyed, and LOVED the observatory scene)

Still being a bad blogger. Maybe I should drop down to twice a week…

So, this week. It’s been busy and yet not, at the same time. What have I actually done?

  • Finished revisions – awaiting verdict and trying not to stress; 
  • Started new medical (note to self, sign that contract and get it in the post to Canada); 
  • Had guitar lesson (not to self, more practising required); 
  • Started learning the rumba at dance class; 
  • Haven’t done anywhere near enough exercise; 
  • Need to drag daughter into town tomorrow to get new school shoes because hers are falling apart and enough is enough – she’s put it off on the grounds that they’re comfortable, but the rain this week has meant she’s had wet feet most days (and this is my sensible child, sigh); 
  • Also need to buy collar for dog after yet another drop-and-roll incident, and he is in SO much disgrace; 
  • Discovered that the Mac 'magic mouse' is very finicky about batteries (note to self, in future have a spare pack of two different types and don’t wait until you’re down to the last two in the pack before buying new ones); 
  • And the usual 101,000 things that come with having a husband, two kids and a dog.

Tulips? They’re up now and looking fantastic with the purple edges. (They’re called ‘Shirley’ – waves to my mate and excellent crime writer Shirley Wells.) So I’ll leave you with a picture, and get back to work :o)

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Shirley Wells said...

Wow - what beautiful tulips. Well, they would be, wouldn't they? I have to get some. Thank yuou. *waving back* :)

Good luck with those revisions. Byron in disgrace? Oh, surely not.