Monday, April 16, 2012

sunshine award

Current work: revisions on Vienna book
Listening to: Corelli
Reading: Julie Kagawa – The Iron Daughter, The Iron Queen, The Iron Knight; Jane Austen and Seth Grahame-Smith, Pride & Prejudice & Zombies

Back to school today, so I might have more of a chance of working out what day today is :o) (Though it was my organised child who forgot her PE kit rather than Mr Scatty – so I have to drop it off before her lesson. First day back to work, and a bit gets shaved off. Sigh.)

My lovely friend Kate Jackson has given me the sunshine award. Rules: say what makes you happy, and then tag someone else.

What makes me happy? In no particular order: quality time with husband and children, the sea, bluebells, fossicking about in ruins and ancient churches, music (whether I’m listening to it or playing it on the guitar or piano), good coffee, exploring new places (especially if museums and/or gorgeous architecture is involved), researching things for a book, going to the theatre, going to the cinema, ballroom dancing lessons…

Actually, I could go on. I’m very fortunate, because there are lots of things in my life that make me happy. (Being a glass half-full person helps, too.)

I’m tagging India Grey for this one :o)

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Scarlet Wilson said...

Kate, read the first book ?The Iron King and really enjoyed it. Reading a lot of teenage fiction right now that I'm really enjoying.