Thursday, October 27, 2011

still half term…

Current work: Rome book, second revisions (sticks brave smile on face after large consumption of chocolate)
Listening to: Bach
Reading: Caroline Anderson, Tempted by Dr Daisy; Caroline Anderson, The Fiancée he couldn’t forget (loved both of them – definite warm and fuzzies)

Lovely day yesterday with my writer friend Lizzie Lamb – and I had enough of a voice to be able to talk books! Made an experimental chocolate cake from this month’s Sainsbury’s magazine – drain a tin of pears, mix the juice with sugar and cocoa and boil to "first plop" (!!!), cool the choc mixture in the bowl with pears, blend with walnut oil and vanilla, then beat in eggs, flour and bicarb soda - was a very interesting texture before it went in the oven. Very intense flavour, too, so only small pieces were consumed and DH is taking the rest of it into work today.

Off to London tomorrow for the M&B author lunch, aka glam event of the year. I have glam hair and a glam bracelet. And I’ll be taking the printed-out copy of my revisions with me so I can work on the train, unless I manage to make serious inroads on them today. (Am a bit gutted that my 50th book isn’t going to be accepted before the 10th anniversary of my ‘call’. Still. My fault for not doing a good enough job on the last set.)

Will be working today; but both children have had a growth spurt, so I need to drag them out to shop for clothes this morning. Both hate clothes-shopping (and so do I), but if they will insist on growing…

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