Friday, October 07, 2011

publication day

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It’s the first Friday in the month… so that means today is publication day!

A Moment on the Lips is on the shelves today in the UK.

And it's had a really nice 4-star review from Romantic Times:

With her youthful indiscretions behind her, Carenza Tonielli is determined to make a success of her family’s ice cream empire. After she refuses to sell the company to Dante Romano, Dante wants nothing more to do with the ‘spoiled princess.’ But his loyalty to her grandfather means he can’t refuse her unexpected request for mentorship. Dante wants to keep their relationship focused on business and his feelings under wraps, but Carenza has other ideas. Passion heats up quickly and readers don’t have an opportunity to savor the anticipation, but this is an otherwise refreshing and intelligently written story.

Thank you, RT :o)


Shirley Wells said...

Happy Publication Day!

Yay, I've already read "A Moment on the Lips" and I loved it. A smokin' hot Italian and ice cream - what's not to like? Beautifully written - wonderful. I give it 5 stars!

Nell Dixon said...


Nas Dean said...

Yay! Congratulations and Happy Release Day!

Kate Hardy said...

Thank you Shirley! Glad you enjoyed it.

Thanks, Nell and Nas!