Thursday, October 13, 2011


Current work: thinking about having a duvet day
Listening to: various
Reading: Kristan Higgins, All I Ever Wanted (loved the husky and, as always, she made me laugh for the right reasons and cry a bit, too - enjoyed)

Talking in a whisper today. Just as well it’s this week and not last week (M&B talk) or next week (meeting up with friends) or, worse still, the week after (half term, meeting up with friends, and the M&B author lunch). Am hoping that it stays just in my throat until after my audiology appointment tomorrow.

Yesterday was great – we absolutely covered Dad’s grave with spring bulbs, then went out to lunch. Interestingly, it rained all day EXCEPT when we did the planting. So we had nice soft ground to work with, but stayed dry.

Slightly scary experience on the way home from school – enormous lorry tore a branch off a tree, and it landed literally an inch in front of my car. Had to drive over it (didn’t have time to brake, plus I had a car on my tail so any braking would’ve meant a collision) and was very relieved when we got home to find no damage. If I’d been a second closer to that lorry, it would’ve gone straight through my windscreen. Eep.

Ed is coming back to me today on my outline (she “has thoughts” – well, hey, I knew I was bending a lot of rules, so I’m expecting lots of “no, no – OK to that – no, no, and absolutely no”). In the meantime, I guess I ought to tidy the bearpit, as the revisions were in and I did skive off yesterday.

A mug of honey and lemon first, though, I think.


Nell Dixon said...

Hope you feel better soon.

Caroline said...

Get well soon Kate. And "phew" on the near miss. It does shake you up though. I'm *always* having to dodge a tractor or two on the small roads where I live! Caroline x

Cara Cooper said...

Scary stuff, glad you were okay Kate. Good luck with the revisions, hope there aren't too many!