Monday, October 17, 2011

deafer, and even more lurgified…

Current work: duvet day
Listening to: Mozart
Reading: Andrew Taylor, The Anatomy of a Ghost (enjoying)

Luckily the lurgy stayed just as a sore throat and a headache on Friday, so I didn’t have to change my audiology appointment. Spookily, it was seven years to the day since my last audio test. As I suspected, I have lost more hearing since then (somewhere between 5 and 10 decibels), and the audiologist thinks that having two aids will make my life easier because it will help with the direction of sound. He says it’s the difference between using a monocle and spectacles, and that I will be able to hear music much better, so that sold it to me.

The dip in sound is probably age-related as the profile is exactly the same (just 5-10 decibels down), so it’s nothing to worry about.

I would like to say that I spent the weekend working, but I didn’t. The lurgy really kicked in on Friday night; at the moment I’m coughing for England and the only thing that shifts my headache briefly is codeine. I had planned lunch out with a good writer friend this week, so we’ll have to move it – I don’t want to spread this, and I can’t hold a conversation at the moment. (I sound as if I have a 40-a-day habit!)

And, much as I would like to start my new book today, I think I need a duvet day. A mug of hot lemon and honey, with the dog and a duvet on the sofa, and the first series of Everybody Loves Raymond will do just nicely, methinks.


Nell Dixon said...

Hope you feel better soon, Kate. My hearing has been borderline all my life - so sympathies on the decibel loss - suspect mine is reducing too as am annoying family with TV volume.

Michelle Styles said...

Get better soon!

Vince said...

Hi Kate:

I have a hearing loss myself. I can hear things but I can’t always make out what is being said. (I just wish people would get my attention before they started speaking to me. That would be a big help.)

Maybe this will cheer you up. I just reviewed “Italian Doctor, No Strings Attached” on my website:

It’s a “5-Star Everything”!


Liz Fielding said...

Hugs on the cough, Kate. Hope you're feeling better now.

The best beloved struggles with his hearing and I know what a misery it can be.

Really looking forward to seeing you in London when I can give you a hug in person.

Kate Hardy said...

Nell - thanks. (And I annoy mine with heavy use of subtitles!)

Michelle - thanks. Off to see GP today as it's worse.

Vince - it's so much easier if someone faces you, isn't it? And thank you very much for the lovely review. So glad you enjoyed the book.

Liz - still struggling here, sadly. And so looking forward to seeing you in London.