Monday, May 23, 2011

a weekend of partying means a week of solid work…

Current work: new Medical plus nerdy stuff
Listening to: Sandy Denny
Reading: Diana Wynne Jones, Fire and Hemlock (really enjoyed this)

The scales are not best pleased with me this morning. Possibly because we were out to dinner on Friday night to celebrate son’s birthday (and I was reasonably good – coffee instead of pudding, and chose a sensible main course: off the specials board, sticky pork loin i.e. marinated in honey, cinnamon and paprika, though actually it tasted as if they used quite a bit of fresh chilli). Kind of went on from there. Saturday was shopping for the party, getting some work done (ahem, side project, but I need something nerdy otherwise I’ll end up with super-hideous revisions on the M&Bs), Chinese takeaway… And Sunday was just brilliant. Was a bit too blowy to sit outside for too long, with the wind roaring in the trees, but we still managed a Nerf war and a barbecue. It was lovely to chill out with a glass of wine/cup of tea and talk to our bestest family (which includes bestest friend - as the children's godmother, she's definitely family).

Today I have a house full of flowers (including gorgeous-smelling stocks and lovely bright sunflowers) and a fridge full of – oh, man, it needs a lock on it. The salady bits and leftover barbecued chicken fillets are fine (it will take all of five seconds to make lunch today and dog will be immensely pleased with his share of the chicken) but the box of Lindors maybe should’ve gone to work with DH…

Righty. To work. An hour on the side project to keep my inner nerd happy, then full on with the book. (Especially as we have the same thing all over again – dinner out and then weekend of barbecues – for DH’s birthday, the weekend after next!)

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