Tuesday, May 10, 2011

quick catchup

Current work: playing with new idea
Listening to: Paula Cole, This Fire
Reading: Liz Fielding, Tempted by Trouble (vintage Liz – lovely heroine, tortured hero, wonderful secondaries (including the ice cream van, who definitely has a personality), dialogue I wish I’d written – oh, just go and read it. And be warned, you will have ice cream cravings…)

While I’ve been working frantically on my revisions (let’s just say that moving chapter 12 to chapter 3 means that the secrets are no longer secrets and that has an enormous knock-on effect - things have to be unravelled, removed, reknitted, and hopefully the joins smoothed over), I’ve been boring you all with Rome. There are still two more days of Rome posts to come ;o) But I thought I should do a quick catch-up. What have I been doing?

Revisions. Painting my nails pearlescent teal while I thought about revisions. (OK. Having a 'back to my student days' moment.) Revisions. Cancelling lunch with a friend so I could have more work time (all these bank holidays have been seriously bad for productivity). Revisions. Oh, and revisions.

But we did have a nice weekend. Went to see ‘Yes, Prime Minister’ at the Theatre Royal in Norwich on Saturday night; son and husband loved it, but daughter didn’t – probably because she was a little too young to get most of the jokes. We had a look through the brochure and there are some great shows coming up. As son’s drama choices are too heavy for daughter, and daughter’s choices elicted a ‘no way’ grunt from son (and husband), it seems I will be taking them separately. (Rubs hands together at thought of lots of theatre trips.) Then on Sunday it was my bestest cousin’s birthday party, and it was nice to catch up with some of the family I only normally get to see at weddings.

Today, I’m over at the Pink Heart Society with my deadline recipe. (We’ve eaten a version of that rather a lot for the last week.)

Plans for this week: tidy office (unless I can work out how to avoid it), start new book (once ed has given me the green light on the last tweaks to the outline), and most definitely increase the amount of exercise I’ve been doing. And, as a certain furry beast spent this morning making the children laugh because he was REALLY staring at me while I was eating my breakfast, following the movement of the spoon and looking hopeful (er, dog – do you really think I made oatmeal with soya milk, flaxseed and a handful of fresh blueberries and raspberries for you?), I think he can jolly well accompany me!

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Lacey Devlin said...

Happy revising, Kate!