Thursday, May 19, 2011


Current work: new Medical (and getting slightly antsy about revisions - waiting never gets easier)
Listening to: Nickelback
Reading: next on TBR

This is the very first rose blooming on the Brother Cadfael rose that my agent sent me when my dad died. So I’m planning to cut this tomorrow and put it on his grave. Am trying to think of it as a celebration of life, but to be honest I’m still finding it pretty hard to come to terms with having both parents gone – with a child still at junior school, I just don’t feel old enough.

Bit out of sorts today, so will shut up and stop whining – other people have it much harder than I do.

Have a nice day :o)


Fiona Harper said...

(((Big hug))) - because there's nothing else to say.

Kate Hardy said...

Thanks, Fi - I know you know that feeling. Hugs back.