Friday, May 27, 2011

and back again…

Current work: just finished revisions to Riva
Listening to: Daughtry
Reading: Maggie Stiefvater, Linger (OK but didn’t enjoy as much as Shiver, probably because it’s written from four POVs in the first person and the format jars a bit with me. She does flag up the chapter/section within the chapter with the characters’ name, but for me that’s a bit head-hoppy and it’s very tricky to pull off, especially if two of the characters are a bit difficult to sympathise with. However the ending is a great cliffhanger and I will read #3)

Finished my revisions – phew! Which means I can enjoy half term hols without ripping my hair out. Holiday working schedule means first thing in the morning (aka my best time) while everyone’s asleep, and I can write first draft/new stuff very happily then – but not revisions, where I need complete silence and space. So that’s one thing off my desk, and now I can settle back in to the Med. And hope that lovely ed sends me a nice email next week that will see me trotting off to the Pandora shop :o)

Blogging will be pretty intermittent next week as it’s half term and I won’t be online so much. Whatever you’re doing, have a great week!


Caroline said...

Have a great BH weekend. So glad the "R's" have winged their way back to HQ. Caroline x

Shirley Wells said...

Glad those revisions have gone and, yes, fingers crossed you'll soon be off to the Pandora shop. :)

Have a great weekend and half term.

Bluestocking Mum said...

Well done you. Now enjoy the half term