Monday, May 30, 2011

Make for Macmillan book auction

Current work: Medical
Listening to: John Martyn (mix from Solid Air and Bless the Weather, my two fave albums)
Reading: Wondrous Strange, Lesley Livingston (enjoyed this very much – great characterisation and an interesting take on fairies); Her Last Night of Innocence, India Grey (lovely intense read); Winter Rose, Patricia McKillip (lovely prose)

I think most readers of this blog will have twigged by now that finding a cure for cancer and dementia are causes fairly close to my heart – I lost my mum and dad respectively to them. And those who know me in real life have been cajoled into buying/making cakes over the ten years I chaired a fundraising committee for cancer research, or entering my evil ‘postal’ quiz, or – well, generally giving money and time to support an excellent cause.

So when I discovered via some of my FB author mates that Clare and Shelley were doing an auction of signed books to raise money for Macmillan nurses, they could definitely count me in too; my book in the auction is a copy of The Fireman and Nurse Loveday.

The auction starts on Facebook here today and ends on Sunday 5 June at 8pm (UK time). There are some fabulous books on offer (and I’m not just saying it because I know some of the authors personally – they really are good), so if you like reading and you want to help a good cause, go and be part of the auction.

There’s also a list of the books here, if you want to check them out.

I don’t care whose book you bid for (this isn’t about ego or self-publicity) – please, just bid, and do something to help the nurses who do a brilliant job in supporting people with cancer. Thanks! :o)

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