Friday, June 04, 2010

ticking things off (and blogging elsewhere)

Current work: admin and finalising outline for Venice book
Listening to: all sorts of things on my lovely shiny, shiny toy
Reading: Lindsey Davis, Alexandria (still enjoying)

How am I doing with my to-do list? Actually, I’m pleased that a lot of things are being ticked off:

  • print off manuscript – done
  • send manuscript plus latest paperback to lovely agent – done
  • sort out RNA award entry - done
  • parcel up things for various people – done
  • stagger to post office with enormous bag of parcels – done (yes, really)
  • pay travel agent for Sorrento trip and transfer said money from savings account to current account – done (I’m starting to get excited now, especially as they’ve advised we are NOT flying with BA, so that’s one of the two possible problems averted. Now, dear volcano in Iceland, please can you stop all eruptions for the summer? Because I really want to climb a volcano, not get stranded by one)
  • finalise outline for new Modern Heat (aka Venice book) – still tinkering but getting there
  • update website – in progress
  • finalise talk for Blickling Hall on June 19 – in progress but will be done by Monday
  • sort out accounts – in progress
  • tidy desk – see Monday’s blog for that one :o)

I’m blogging over at the Pink Heart Society today about watching screens. (All right, a certain screen. A touch screen. So if you want to see The Shining One – as yet unnamed – go over. And if you have good tips about Mac software – especially keyboard short cuts on Pages – I am ALL EARS. Best tip nets a backlist Kate Hardy of your choice, subject to availability.) In the meantime, I think daughter and I have to go play Boggle.


Jan Jones said...

Well done you - and thank you for the book!

I think you deserve some playing-with-shiny time. :)

Lacey Devlin said...

Wow! Someone's going to need a personal assistant soon ;)

Kate Hardy said...

Jan - my pleasure. And I had a lovely playing-with-shiny day yesterday...

Kate Hardy said...

Lacey - was that an offer? ;)

(And that's a small to-do list for me - used to run a lot more beside that, five years back. Not quite so much energy now I'm in my forties, sigh...)