Monday, June 21, 2010

busy busy

Current work: (yup, still…)
Listening to: Corelli
Reading: next on TBR (when I have finished the book)

Thoroughly enjoyed my talk at Blickling Hall on Saturday – I had a really lovely group of women, and I was thrilled to get an email on Sunday from one of them saying that what I’d said had been useful. (I know my stuff, but I still worry about giving good value!) The NT gave us some seriously scrummy munchies to go with coffee. I was incredibly good and resisted the shortbread, even though it was calling my name. I had planned to wander round the garden and maybe sit among the rhododendrons and do some work after the talk, but (a) DH had been ‘helpful’ and switched off my iPad at the mains while it was charging, so I didn’t take it with me (and I didn’t have the right files on the laptop, which I used for the presentation), (b) it was showery and I wasn’t in the mood for getting wet, and (c) I had revisions and a bad dose of guilt calling me. (Last week was a wipeout, workwise – I didn’t have one single day without other calls on my time. And lovely Kate has been a gem and agreed to move our lunch today to next Monday.)

Couldn’t resist the farm shop on the way home (asparagus, grown literally a mile from the shop and freshly cut that afternoon – and it was SCRUMPTIOUS). Also skived off with the family on Saturday evening to watch Dr Who – superb episode (made me cry – excellent use of emotion, and a good reminder for my own work). Can’t wait for next week because I really can’t see how they can get the hero out of the situation they’ve put him in (even though obviously they will, because the two main characters are both in the next season). This has definitely been my favourite series of NuWho – and I’m looking forward to the next series, as Neil Gaiman is writing an episode. That’ll be a goodie.

Sunday – did some work in the morning; however, as it was Father’s Day, family time was required in the afternoon.

Righty. To work. And today I hope for no interruptions, so I can get the revisions off my desk before my poor editor thinks I’ve abandoned everything and run away…


Lacey Devlin said...

Bless your DH for being helpful :) Good luck with those revisions

Kate Hardy said...

Thanks, Lacey. He was 'helpful' last night and agreed to cook dinner (which meant coming in and out of my office like a yoyo, asking questions and driving me batty). But they're done now and life can be chilled for a while. At least until my editor comes back to me!