Thursday, June 10, 2010

communication, congratulations and free books

Current work: revisions to Medical continuity
Listening to: Corelli
Reading: next on TBR

I saw this Lolcats pic a while back and really enjoyed it.

go 4 wlk? *send* lol snds gud *enter* k brb w leash *send*

This is a bit like being in this house, now we have wireless. DH emailed me last night to let me know he was in the conservatory (! I think that was a ‘time to stop work now, honey’ hint), and then there was an email exchange while we were curled up on the sofa - I was making book playlists and he was mesisng about on the internet. Cough. I foresee Saturday morning emails along the lines of above (except relating to cups of tea – DH having a lie in while I’m slaving away at the book, therefore nearer the kitchen and therefore being the person who should make said cup of tea - DH, if you're reading this, no, that wasn't an offer. I have revisions so cups of tea need to flow my way, please).

Congratulations? Well, there’s a celebration going on over at eHarlequin on the Medical authors’ group blog - several of us have been shortlisted for an award, so we’re celebrating with a party (and I happen to know that giving away books is part of the plan). Do go over and comment!

On other stuff: Dad isn’t so well, so I guess my sleepless nights are going to continue for a while. And I have an interview with the EDP and one of my favourite journalists tomorrow, about the Blicking Hall talk on 19 June – booking details of all four talks is here. (What, you think we’re going to drink coffee and play with the iPad? Umm… yes. After the interview. And during it. Just because it work doesn’t mean it can’t be fun as well.) And in between I have revisions. I am incredibly relieved that they're not quite as heavy as the last eighteen months have been. Let's hope this bodes well for the future, too.


Lacey Devlin said...

Haha! I love the picture. It should be interesting to see who ends up getting the tea now :).

I hope your dad feels better soon.

A big congrats on the shortlisting!

Shirley Wells said...

Sorry to hear your dad isn't so good. Sending hugs from here.

I saw that pic some time ago too and I just love it. Thanks for posting it. It never fails to make me smile.

Just nipping across to eHarlequin now.

Michela said...

I'm sorry to read about your father, hope he feels better soon.
Many hugs to you from Napoli.

P.S. I've never thought to open a blog/website... I think I wouldn't have the patience to update it everyday!
And anyway, I'm not a painter at all :) I just painted two or three pictures - not more. My passion is writing.

Rachel said...

Great pic, made me smile :-)
Sorry to read the news about your Dad, hope there's improvement soon.
Congrats on shortlist success.
Still envious of iPad :-D .They weren't even on my radar until you started posting about yours. Not even Stephen Fry had turned me onto them, but since hearing about yours I'm hooked!

Chris Stovell said...

Thank you for your lovely comment on my RNA post. Best wishes to your dad too - and to you. Cx

(ps - good thinking on the tea and coffee orders... I feel an email coming on!).

Kate Hardy said...

Lacey - we compromised - neither! Thanks, Dad's brighter at the moment. :)

Kate Hardy said...

Thanks for the hugs, Shirley. And mmm, that pic does the same thing for me!

Kate Hardy said...

Michela - thank you.

(And you don't have to update your blog every day... might be a nice place to showcase your writing, too.)

Kate Hardy said...

Rachel - thanks :)

The iPad really is fab. (Daughter has just got masses of cool points because she was spotted playing Boggle on it in my car this morning...)

Kate Hardy said...

Chris - thanks - and the tea from Teapigs really *is* gorgeous!