Monday, June 28, 2010

when it flows…

Current work: Venice book (bliss, bliss, bliss – going to bite me later, but I’m loving this right now)
Listening to: Vivaldi cello concerti – um, and the Psychedelic Furs (Sister Europe and India – not really pretending to be 14 again. All because of a discussion with DH about music post-Pistols)
Reading: next on TBR (been too hot and sticky to do anything at all)

When it flows, this is just the BEST job in the world. (That, and finding out that your book has put a bit of sunshine in someone’s life. Those are definitely my two fave bits.) The book really started to come alive this weekend. Probably would’ve done more on it, but when it’s as hot and sticky at night as it has been all weekend, I don’t sleep well and end up going downstairs to my office at stupid o’clock and sitting with the fan on full blast to cool me down, then feeling like a zombie all day from sleep deprivation.

This is when I could really do with some proper coffee to wake me up, but I switched to decaf a while back (except Tuesdays – lovely Jim makes me really, really nice coffee). Today is comforting chocolate flake tea, then. (And there is a bar of G&B in the fridge. DH must have a radar or something, because he rang this morning just when I'd put a piece in my mouth. 'Are you eating chocolate?' How did you guess? Rats, busted...)

Busy week, this week. Today am going out to lunch today with my friend Kate on the coast (NB this does count as work - we'll be talking writing, the sea will help remind me of Venice, and I have lots of thinking time in the car as I’ve just added some scenes to my outline. Oh, all right, we're going to be talking books and playing with my iPad. But it's still work. I don't get to see my writer mates in person that often).

This evening, my stepmum is coming over for a barbecue and teaching Madam to knit – a creative skill I don’t have, so daughter is very lucky that her grandmother can do it! Son has a quietish week, but daughter’s is utterly manic. (She will cope fine because she is absolutely a mini-me.) Tomorrow she’s playing guitar in the school concert (will be the first time she’s played at a concert, though she's played for the family), Wednesday she’s been picked to go to the science day at the UEA, and Thursday her class is playing samba (the music, not the dance stuff) at the Norfolk Show.

Righty. Am in Venice in my head, and then I’m off to Sheringham – where the sea will be blue rather than green, but will be inspirational anyway. (Dear ed. I am working really hard. I worked in the garden this weekend, and in bed on Saturday morning. The joys of the iPad...)


Lacey Devlin said...

Haha! I love that DH rang at the moment you put a piece of chocolate in your mouth. That's scary timing that is!

Good luck with the WIP and the garden too!

Kate Hardy said...

Lacey - yeah, it was definitely scary! What with son being the carb police and DH having the chocolate radar... I might have a shot at staying on the diet for a while ;)