Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Sussex, part 3

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Reading: The Haunting, Hope Tarr - enjoyed this one - ending worked very well (and was the one I would've chosen, too *g*)

On the Tuesday, we went to Arundel: the castle was lovely, with a very Gothic interior (the library was particularly good). My favourite bits were the medieval parts of the castle; the views from the keep were stunning. (This is the new, Gothicky bit.)

There was a medieval encampment and we saw a jousting tournament – really exciting. It was boiling hot so the poor riders must’ve really felt it under 70lbs of armour. The horses were absolutely gorgeous.

This is mid-joust, with one horse visible along this side of the tilting rail. And it's done at full gallop. Not a canter or a trot. Lots of lances were broken...

(And I had a resurgence of a lightbulb moment I had a while back – still debating whether the best fit would be Modern Heat or a Medical. Am inclining towards the latter, which is good as I already have four MH ideas lined up.)

After the castle closed, we headed for the sea and went for a stroll along the promenade at Worthing. Again, fabulous sea and lots of shingle and seagulls.

Pedometer reading: 17273 steps.


Carol Townend said...

A tournament! Very exciting, wish I had seen it. We saw one in France, they can be quite scary...

Lacey Devlin said...

Oh wow thats something I'd love to see! That's my favourite castle to date too :) Congrats on all those steps!

Kate Hardy said...

Carol, it was AMAZING. I was stunned by just how fast they were going.

Wish I'd caught the barber-surgeon's talk. Still, if there's ever anything similar at the English Heritage places near here, I'm there :o)

Kate Hardy said...

Lacey, it was really worth seeing.
As for castles... watch out for later in the week :o)

Caroline said...

Hi Kate. Your blogs this week have been great fun. Looks like you all had a good holiday - and don't seemed to have suffered too much from the poor weather we've had recently up here in North Wales! I went to Portsmouth a few years ago when son was at university there. I loved the Victory - but couldn't get over how small it was. All those men living in cramped conditions. It must have been very cosy indeed! Even Nelson's quarters were very small considering! Take care. Caroline x

Kate Hardy said...

Caroline, glad you've enjoyed my holiday tales. We had a fab time and were incredibly lucky with the weather. Every evening when we caught the forecast it was meant to be rain... and we missed it, for the most part (except for Portsmouth - when we were inside). Sorry to hear you've been swamped with the stuff in Wales.

The Victory was definitely the highlight of that day for me. And I'd like to go back when the Mary Rose has dried out, as we didn't have time to visit the museum.