Friday, August 14, 2009

blogging elsewhere today…

Current work: en vacances (but making notes about Provence)
Listening to: don’t ask – son has decided he likes 80s pop. It’s this Rickrolling thing. Arrgh!
Reading: Kimberley Cates, The Perfect Match (enjoying this, especially the dog)

I’m over at eHarlequin today, talking about decluttering on the Medical Authors’ eharl blog. There’s a chance to win a copy of Playboy Boss, Pregnancy of Passion, so do go over and leave a comment.

Yesterday, took the kids ten-pin bowling – was fun, and I was immensely surprised to get two strikes with my first two balls. Needless to say, it went rapidly downhill from there (and I was very grateful that we had the bumper bars up). But, hey, it doesn’t matter who wins (or loses), as long as you all enjoy it.

Plan for today: into town as son has some things he wants, then possibly baking with daughter. And ice cream making.

Tomorrow, I have my glass course and I am SO looking forward to it. Have a nice weekend!


Jan Jones said...

Fun, fun, fun.

You decided on Provence, then?

Kate Hardy said...

Yes, but possibly not the area I originally planned. I've just discovered Ardeche. Now, if the bottle of wine I saw in Sainsbury's today (which I can't drink until the antibios are finished next week) is nice... that's my place :)