Tuesday, August 04, 2009

clearing the decks

So what should an author who’s just finished her book (the last one in her contract) do?

The obvious thing would be to sit down and write the outlines for the next contract so they’re filed rather than floating round my head. (Or do the accounts ready to hand them over to my accountant next week: another job that needs doing, sigh.)

Instead, I instigated a massive tidy-up. We need new carpets upstairs, so we called in to the local supplier and sorted out a date for them to come and measure up to give us a quote. This is next week. I am not the tidiest person in the world, so that meant some serious decluttering was needed.

Son spent his time lying on his bed, reading. (He will not get away with that tomorrow.)

Daughter loves tidying (ha – the only thing in which she isn’t a mini-me) so she was fine. All the toys she no longer plays with are either in the loft or handed over to neighbours for their grandchildren; and tomorrow we’ll sort out her wardrobe so I can do my list for school uniform shopping.

I started with my wardrobe. Out went anything I haven’t worn in the last year (including office clothes I should have recycled YEARS ago – yes, they were expensive; yes, they are nice; but I don’t wear them for work nowadays, so why keep them?) Result: my wardrobe is still full, but I can get things out easily now.

Next was my bedroom bookcase. Pre-tidy, this housed all the books I’ve read over the last year and some of my TBR pile. Post-tidy, the keeper books are in my office, awaiting reorganisation of my bookcases; the non-keepers have been divided into carrier bags ready to hand over to friends I think might enjoy them; and the TBR previously squirreled away in my office are now in place, ready to be devoured.

Still to be done: my office (arrgh), spare room (also arrgh), and son’s room – which is a complete state, so I am going to have to do some major maternal nagging.

And when that’s done, I’ve finished my accounts and the decks are all cleared, I think I might be rather desperate to get back to work…


Lori x said...

Ooh you have been good! Unfortunately I have an aversion to tidying up!! My husband has an aversion to an untidy house. Fortunately he only moans about the state of the place a couple of times a week, adds a footnote that he loves me as I am and does help out. He's also pretty good in the kitchen, great as I love eating dislike cooking.
Okay I've got to face it, I'm a lazy mare....must do proper housework tomorrow...

Anyway well done you it's always worth it when it's done!

Lacey Devlin said...

oh you've put me to shame. I don't suppose I could borrow your daughter to help me clean up my place? lol!

Kate Hardy said...

Lori - I'm lucky mine's really good and helps out, too.

Proper housework. Ack. If I have to... I need a trip to Lakeland, first, as I want some of their magic cloths that apparently clean windows in seconds with just a spray of water.

Now to tackle the office... I might have to go to the beach firsr, though.

Kate Hardy said...

Lacey, she thinks tidying is a treat! (And she is getting lots of Caroline Lawrence books as a thank you.)