Tuesday, August 18, 2009

dentists, theatres and diggers

Current work: still en vacances (but really working on outlines/a bit of nonfic)
Listening to: Take That
Reading: next on TBR (not really enjoying the one I’m reading now – too much reliance on coincidence, plus I tend to find novels about novelists a bit solipsistic. The writing’s good but the plot doesn’t work for me. And no, not naming it because I know how much hard work goes into writing a book and how I feel when I come across a negative review of mine: not going to do that to someone else.)

My new dentist is absolutely lovely, so I am out of twitchy mode. (And, yay, today is last day of antibios, so I can start my wine research tomorrow.) Madam has to have a filling (about which I feel guilty, but then again I can only nag so much) and son may need a brace, but otherwise all is OK.

Tonight, we’re off to see Chitty Chitty Bang Bang at the theatre. Am really looking forward to it and so are the kids – apparently there’s a cast of more than 100, including 11 performing dogs. My favourite song from the show is ‘Hushabye Mountain’ – you can hear the Julian Lloyd Webber cello version on Youtube (click on the link - it’s fantastic).

In the field behind us today there’s an enormous digger, a huge trench and a lot of pipes. Think they’re doing something to the water mains. Would it be courteous to tell people that you’re going to dig 10 feet away from their property? Yes. Did the water company tell us? No. Sigh. I can deal with the noise (easy – switch off my hearing aid and I don’t hear it) but I sincerely hope our water supply won’t be affected...


Olivia Ryan said...

Oh, they never tell nearby residents anything, do they! The road outside our house was closed for three days recently - we just looked out the front and saw 'road closed' signs! I was expecting friends round so I had to quickly phone them and give them directions for driving round the block! None of us in the road had been pre-warned.
Glad your dentist is nice! And that you enjoy Chitty C.B.B. x

Kate Hardy said...

Olivia - luckily you saw the sign before your friends set off!

CCBB was fantastic, thanks. And the dentist was a huge relief.