Friday, August 28, 2009

My life according to Led Zeppelin

Current work: revisions on Med book/plotting
Listening to: Led Zeppelin, Presence (very underrated: Tea For One does it for me every time)
Reading: Louise Allen, The Piratical Miss Ravenhurst (still wonderful.)

Righty. I am a bit hopeless when it comes to social media. Do I update Facebook and MySpace? Not as often as I should (so if you’re waiting for me to accept a friend request, prod me here). Do I Twitter? Not on your life! (Too 1984 for me. Apart from the fact that I’d rather be writing than telling people I’ve done six words in the last ten days… Nope. Looks like a major time stealer to me.)

However, this particular meme was irresistible – from my mate Jan Jones. I was a good girl and posted it on Facebook, but at this stage of the school hols I’m in lazy mare mode. And as today’s big task involves two children and the shoe shop (sob), and I’m probably emulsioning walls this weekend (also sob, because DH is unlikely to relinquish control of the stereo), I’m posting it here, too. Not tagging anyone in particular, but if you fancy doing it (or you're one of the people I tagged on Facebook because I thought you'd enjoy it, too), please stick a link in the comments so enquiring minds (aka Kate Nosy Hardy) can come and see. Or do it in a comment, if you like. I'm soooo chilled right now.

Here are the rules: Using only song NAMES from ONE ARTIST, cleverly answer these questions. Pass it on to 15 people you like and include me. You can't use the band I used. Try not to repeat a song title. It's a lot harder than you think! Repost as "My life according to (band name)".

  • Pick your Artist: Led Zeppelin
  • Are you a male or female?: Living Loving Maid
  • Describe yourself: Fool in the Rain
  • How do you feel: Dazed and Confused [hey, I’m doing revisions…]
  • Describe where you currently live: In The Light
  • If you could go anywhere, where would you go: Kashmir
  • Your favourite form of transportation: Night Flight
  • Your best friend is: Over the Hills and Far Away [all right, so Norfolk is “very flat”, but London is 2 hours from here!]
  • You and your best friends are: Out on the Tiles
  • What's the weather like: White Summer
  • Favourite time of day: In the Evening
  • If your life was a TV show, what would it be called: Stairway to Heaven
  • What is life to you: Celebration Day
  • Your last relationship: Communication Breakdown
  • Your current relationship: Whole Lotta Love
  • Your fear: No Quarter
  • What is the best advice you have to give: We’re Gonna Groove
  • Thought for the Day: Nobody’s Fault but Mine
  • How I would like to die: In My Time of Dying
  • Looking for: The Ocean
    If you could change your name, you would change it to: Tangerine
  • Wouldn’t mind: Tea for One [especially if there’s cake involved – remember, I’m doing revisions]
  • My soul's present condition: Ramble On
  • Most Faithful Companion: Hot Dog [I nearly chose ‘Black Dog’, but as he’s liver-and-white…]
  • My motto: The Song Remains the Same

Enjoy - and have a lovely bank hol.


Jan Jones said...

Excellent idea - I've reposted my Neil Young answers on my blog too!

Caroline Storer said...

Whoa! Way too early in the morning for me for this one. I need to get my thinking hat on. I lovvvvve Led Zeppelin - only wish I had seen them live - they would have been totally amazing. You've promted me to get out my LZ collection. I just love "Whole Lotta Love". Take care. Caroline x

Kate Hardy said...

Jan - I owe you huge thanks for tagging me in the first place. (Must get out my own Neil Young collection...)

Kate Hardy said...

Caroline - go for it! I'd love to see your answers.

I too wish I'd seen them live. Sadly, I was too young (and the chances of getting an O2 ticket were so slim). I've seen Robert solo a few times, and the best by far was at the UEA where the venue was tiny and he was only 10 feet away. He looked a bit fed up for the first couple of songs, then suddenly got into it and gave THAT smile and the whole room seemed to light up with him. He did a few tracks from the fourth album, and I was willing him to go back one and sing 'Since I've Been Loving You', but sadly it wasn't to be. Fantastic evening, though.

Caroline Storer said...

Me again. Thinkng cap is on now and I've posted my comments about (AC/DC) over on my blogsite. It was fun!! Take care. Caroline x

Diane said...

Consider yourself Facebook prodded. :o) (Might have to go and do it again, mind, as I think the request may have gone past its use by date ...)

Kate Hardy said...

Diane - how come we're not friends on Facebook? I've just sent you a request. (Or maybe I'm having a blonde day.) I do remember at the time thinking, I should be tagging Diane on Facebook. (Got Shirley, though. If she does it, any guesses as to whether she'll use Mr C? *g*)

Diane said...

I sent a friend request ages ago - months ago - but last week I did a clear out of over 100 people I didn't actually know and I think I deleted all the outstanding requests too. (I was amazed to be still left with 160+ genuine friends ... had found most of the others by playing stupid games and building my gangs, but now I've stripped it down to just friends and family - even my dad's on there.)

I don't know who I would choose, but might give it some thought. Only just caught up due to being madly, insanely busy at the moment.

Kate Hardy said...

Diane, as you know, I'm socially inept (well, in terms of social media, anyway). I have (ahem) a big list of friend requests that I'm still sort of wading through...

Anyway, thanks for adding me. (Just remember I'm inept so you might have to prod me for stuff.)

If you do it, how about Rainbow? ;o)

Diane said...

Not sure which one would be the man on the silver mountain ... :o) Deep Purple might be more suitable. Or Elvis ... Hmm. Probably someone naff like Darts, though, who I thought were great but no-one else seemed to. T-rex would be a bit surreal ... oh, I could go on. :oD

Diane said...

Ok, I did it - and I chose Rainbow (hands up everyone that's surprised). It'll be up at 8am on Friday.