Tuesday, August 11, 2009

catching up a bit

Current work: en vacances (but thinking about outlines)
Listening to: too early for anyone else to be up yet
Reading: next on TBR (am a tad lurgified so not up to reading)
First off, belated calendar pic for the month.

DH was off, last week, so we pottered around quite a bit. We did a lot of decluttering (kids have shot up and grown out of their clothes - the wardrobe declutter is always a big one; plus I moved all the books round in my office so they’re in a better order for me. That took an entire day); visited Dad (no comment here out of respect to him, other than that I so wish this was fixable or would be easier on him); and had a lovely day out at the seaside – OK, not so much the seaside as the funfair, as Madam was itching to go. She and DH did the roller coaster and the scary rides, while son and I watched and ate doughnuts. (And I lost weight last week. So no guilt whatsoever.)

And then we went on the big wheel. 70ft up.

The views were stunning but I have to admit to feeling a bit nervous, first time round.

We had four revolutions, and I think it was pretty good value for money. And then afterwards we went and sat on the sand and watched the clouds go by. (Below is said the sand. In the distance we could see Scroby Sands; you'll have to take my word for it, as this one's a bit blurry owing to the angle from which it was taken - 70 feet up through a concave window. But that pale streak below the horizon is indeed sand.)

Thursday was admin, shopping, printing out daughter’s poems (she has commandeered the lappie), going to post office to pick up new headset for computer (I tripped over mine and broke it – arrgh, how do you learn NOT to be clumsy?), and Victoria’s book launch (see yesterday).

At the weekend, DH went to Brands Hatch to see the Superbike grand prix. Not my cuppa tea at all so I was quite happy to pack him off with a pile of goodies and his best friend. The kids and I pottered about and had a chilled-out day.

Oh, and I also discovered that I was #3 on the Waldies chart for two weeks running with Playboy Boss, Pregnancy of Passion – was absolutely thrilled to learn that. Thank you VERY much to the readers who put me there, and I hope you enjoyed Luke and Sara’s story.

Yesterday was the first part of son’s animation course, which he enjoyed; meanwhile daughter and I had breakfast at M&S (yes, I know that's decadent, but sometimes you have to do these things) and tackled the dreaded shop for school uniform and winter clothes. Repeated it for son's bits after his course. So we overdid the walking a bit (21,353 steps).

Had a lovely email conversation yesterday with my agent, who really likes the latest book, and my wonderful ed. The Venice/glass book might move again - I did have a duo sorted out for that, but it might end up being a stand-alone as my ed asked me to make the connection through the heroes rather than the heroine. Plus I've recently worked out a different duo that hits more of the buttons (but needs research). And of course there's my med inspired by Arundel... Anyway, I need to sort outlines.

Plan for today: into town, as son has the final part of his animation course. And also move carpet measuring from tomorrow to next week as I have a scratchy throat; today is going to be a lemsip and latte day to keep me going. I also need to write various blog pieces for people and answer questions - anyone who's waiting, I promise I'm doing it today!


Anonymous said...

Wow your family packs a lot into a holiday week!
That wheel looks amazing. And what beautiful sand.
Hope the throat improves.
Best. Nina.

Kate Hardy said...

Nina - we do indeed :o)

The wheel was amazing. The sand is better as you go north round the coast - my faves there are Wells and Brancaster. Lots and lots of flat sand (Yarmouth has shingle as well, but not as much as the south coast).

The throat had better go by next week as I'm doing a talk!