Friday, December 12, 2008

visitors and Christmas parties

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We’ve had some different visitors to the bird table this week. A collared dove on Wednesday; and also a clever little fellow who’s probably going to spend ages working out a plan to climb the pole and scoff the peanuts!

Tonight, we're out for a Christmas meal with DH’s best friend and his wife at a certain fabulous foodie pub near here. Their daughter is babysitting, so we have lots of chocolates and babysitter munchies. Because it’s the weekend, we’re relaxing bedtime tonight (to save the kids driving their poor babysitter mad). I foresee the three of them having a lot of fun with the Wii, then watching a film (probably cuddled up with the dog). And about half-past nine there will be a phone call: ‘I want my mummy.’ Bless. So that’ll be a bedtime story. (Considering that she’s very much a daddy’s girl, this always surprises me: but whenever she’s tired and out of sorts, only mummy will do.)

Plans for the weekend: early Christmas with my bestest uncle and aunt on Sunday, and Dad and my stepmum are coming over. Other than that... I have school holidays and deadlines looming, so you can guess what I'm doing.


Pat Posner said...

There's an award fro you over at mine!

Jan Jones said...

Hmm - for ages read minutes, if your little grey chap is anything like ours!

Hope you have a fab evening and weekend.

Kate said...

Happy early Christmas :-)

Kate Hardy said...

Pat - thank you :o)

Kate Hardy said...

Jan - I don't think he's managed it yet (this was why we bought a pole feeder, as they're meant to be slightly more squirrel-proof).

And thank you, we did.

Kate Hardy said...

Kate - Happy early Christmas to you, too :o)