Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Joy to the world

Current work: nonfic and Modern Heat
Listening to: sound of dog snoring
Reading: Alberto Manguel, The Library at Night

Amazing what a decent night’s sleep can do to improve your mood… And I found a fabulous news story this morning about the Kindness Offensive. What a lovely, lovely idea. I believe that kindness is what makes the world go round, so this sort of thing really warms my heart.

Had revisions in for the Penhally book and they’re not that bad. Going to let them mull for a couple of days, as my ed is off for Christmas now.

Plan for today: depends when the pest controller arrives. Might go to the cinema. Or I might insist that the kids and I spend the afternoon curled up on the sofa with a box of Lindor and ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’. That, or more board games. Daughter is turning into a Monopoly tycoon – and practically every turn round the board, I ended up in jail! ‘Mum, don’t throw an eight or you’ll have to go to j… Oh. You threw an eight.’ And every ‘chance’ or ‘community chest’ – you can guess who got the nice card and who got all the fines. But the point is to enjoy it and have fun – doesn’t matter who wins.

And they've started playing Boggle with me. Yessss. Same rules as for Scrabble: it's the joint score that counts, because I recognise that it's a bit daunting, playing word games with someone who makes her living out of words. Hey, I'm happy to play usual rules and with a big fat handicap: it's the playing that matters to me, not the result. It's nice not to play Boggle solitaire, which is what usually happens (except when my lovely best friend comes to stay and indulges me on a Sunday afternoon).

Have also enjoyed being slightly naughty and sending surprises to people, which should be hitting doorsteps about now. Not big, expensive surprises. Just something that I think will put smiles on their faces. Gifts with a bit of thought behind them. I'd definitely rather give than receive, because I really enjoy putting sparkle into people's lives. (Well, could you resist sending a copy of a CD called 'Jackie' to someone whose name is Jackie and who was a teenager in the 70s and would've read said magazine, so the music on the CD is the stuff she grew up to? I rest my case. Oh, and for the record - pun intentional - my big sister loved it.)


Nicola Marsh said...

Merry Christmas, Kate :)

Kate Hardy said...

Thanks, Nic! Merry Christmas to you, too xx