Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Nice news and beautiful stained glass

First of all, thank you very much to the readers who’ve put Hotly Wedded, Conveniently Bedded on the Waldenbooks’ Top 10 bestseller list. What a lovely end to the year! (Thanks also to readers who’ve put it in the eHarlequin Top 10, too.)

Today, met up with lovely Jan Jones; we visited the Stained Glass Museum in Ely Cathedral.

The glass was gorgeous (I especially liked the medieval peasant – scary to think this was just before the Black Death). Two fabulous Burne-Jones angel windows (and two by Rossetti which didn’t look at all like his work, to me). A couple of the exhibits have really helped with the church book (to do with the production of glass); and one piece of glass in particular had us in stitches: The Prodigal Son by Moira Forsyth. Beautifully done, witty, and very, very clever. Apparently she has work in Norwich Cathedral, so I must go and take a look.

I also rather liked the ironwork on the cathedral doors.

Had lunch in the cathedral coffee bar, then a walk by the river to see the swans. Ely’s very pretty and I liked the place very much.

On the way home, stopped at a couple of churches – sadly, they were locked. Fair enough, but there wasn’t a keyholder listed, which was a bit irksome. I did manage to get a shot of a certain monument, which was moved very slightly when the A11 was dualled; I must’ve passed it on the way from school to the city for years and years without realising it was there. The monument is to Sir Edmund Rich, who gave money towards the the second turnpike road to be built in the country, between Attleborough and Wymondham. (The first was the Great Northern Road. Just in case you were wondering.)

And now... back to work!

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Jan Jones said...

It was a lovely day, Kate!

(And the Cathedral café makes mushroom soup to die for!)