Thursday, December 11, 2008

Harlequin's open house (and some anti-crow material)

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There’s something today guaranteed to put a smile on my face: Harlequin’s open house! So do go over and visit. (There are lots of authors around, and lots of giveaways…)

The Presents party is here; Medicals is here; Romance is here; Historicals is here. Do come and say hello.

And the anti-crow material?

I’m not usually a jewellery fiend, but there’s something about the Pandora range that really appeals to me. And my bracelet is looking very nice indeed, since I decided that I’m going to buy each bead as I work on the book instead of waitng until I’ve finished. (In my defence, I had an advance cheque… and I didn’t have a responsible adult with me… and… Well, DH has given up nagging. Will not be buying another one until February)

Next time I have an attack of the crows, this is what I’ll see.

Reading from right to left (the order in which they went on to the bracelet):

  • The bracelet itself and the two heart charms: for winning the RNA Romance Prize 2008
  • One charm which looks like an iris (yes, I know it’s really a poinsettia – am stretching it slightly) - this is for a reason I cannot divulge yet, but it’s a definite crow-scarer
  • One pretty Murano glass charm (simply because I happen to like this one and apparently it’s not easy to find - this was a carpe diem moment)
  • One 'roses' charm with gold accents: to celebrate my book Hotly Bedded, Conveniently Wedded being the first Presents enriched e-book (roses = romance, and the gold = enriched)
  • One spacer charm covered in kisses (because you need something between the larger beads to make them look nice – and kisses are appropriate for a romance author)
  • One shell with a starfish: to celebrate my Penhally book (aka my 27th Medical Romance/37th M&B; the working title is The Heart Surgeon’s Proposal – and, as the Penhally series is set in a Cornish fishing village, I thought this bead was appropriate)
  • One spacer charm covered in roses (see note above re spacer with kisses)
  • One charm that reminds me of a child’s drawing of a sun: to celebrate my Norway book (aka the one I’m working on now: my 11th Modern Heat/38th M&B – this bead makes me think of the midnight sun. And that's a cubic zircona, not a diamond)

OK. So I'm a bad puppy... but it works. And it's better for me than chocolate, right?


Jan Jones said...

That is so lovely, Kate. And to me it is utterly incomprehensible why you should still be having crows, so there!

PS - you are going to bring it with you when we meet up so I can see it for real, aren't you?

Katie_S said...

Those beads are gorgeous! I especially love the sun one. I'm so jealous :-)

Kate Hardy said...

Jan - trust me, the crows still peck :o)

And yes, course I'll bring it with me!

Kate Hardy said...

Katie - thank you. The sun one is my daughter's favourite (and she is eyeing up my bracelet...)