Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I hate snow

Current work: revisions to HQ Rom/Cherish (aka M&B #55)
Listening to: Corelli (only thing to calm me down in snow)
Reading: Rowan Coleman, Dearest Rose (excellent so far)

Sooo… Paper revisions done; now to finish typing them up (and I might have to do some trimming!).

We got about three inches of snow last night (which looked very pretty, especially with the orange sky – sadly I couldn’t persuade the camera to take a decent low-light shot). But the roads were vile this morning. Now, I am totally wussy about driving in snow because I had a rough experience on the hill some years back (the one where I fishtailed down it, completely out of control, and hit the kerb several timesl then discovered six months later that I’d been driving two small kids around in a dangerous car as a result of said sideswipes – not the kind of thing a writer with an overactive imagination needs to know), but I managed it today. Have to confess that I swore all the way (today’s word of choice was f*ckwit – for the drivers who made life harder for the rest of us with selfish, inconsiderate behaviour), and it took three times longer than usual, but… I did it.

I was pathetically grateful that the person who usually parks near the junction at the bottom of the hill decided to be sensible and kind last night and park elsewhere, so getting to the junction was safe. Was also grateful that the man in the white van behind me didn’t live up to the stereotype and kept a sensible distance between us; although the road had been gritted, it was nasty to drive on because it had thawed slightly and then frozen again (temperature dropped 3 degrees between DH leaving for work and me taking the kids on the school run).

Cancelled - gym session (gym car park yesterday was nasty – today will be really vile and I’m stressed enough from driving in snow), guitar lesson.

Postponed - parents’ evening. (Yay for school being sensible, and also for giving reasonable notice.)

Still on (at the time of writing) – talk tonight at Norwich Writers’ Circle.

Coffee, deep breath, and time to get on with my work :o)

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Mary Preston said...

I'll send you some hot sunny days. We have them in abundance right now.