Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Happy New Year

Current work: On holiday :o)
Listening to: Nick Drake
Reading: Shirley Jump, Mistletoe Kisses with the Billionaire (enjoyed); Henriette Gyland, Up Close (cracking debut); Louise Douglas, Missing You (enjoyed), Valerie-Anne Baglietto, Once Upon a Winter (enjoying)

Happy new year!

Once DH had finished at work, we headed for the beach as it was a glorious day. For the past few years we’ve been to see the seals at Horsey Gap, but you have to go really early or parking is a nightmare, so we headed for the north Norfolk coast. Quite a few people had the same idea as us, because everywhere was packed. But we noticed that the tide was out, which meant we could walk along the cliffs on a certain beach.

Guess where we went? (And no, sadly, we didn't find any fossils, though we did see the wreck.)

Driving home as the sky was deepening to pewter and the fields were turning to umber, while listening to Nick Drake's 'When the Day is Done'. was a little melancholy, perhaps, but very January and very fitting.

Righty. Gym for me while the kids are asleep, and then - see what we feel like. (I have a feeling it's homework and revision for them, and outline for me...)


SherryGLoag said...

It was a lovely day yesterday and I'm glad you enjoyed my 'back yard' Today it is chucking it down with rain here so only the dog-lovers and die-hards are likely to be out on the beach today.
Happy new Year :-) All the best for 2013

Lacey Devlin said...

Happy New Year, Kate!!

Kate Hardy said...

Sherry - we had a great time, thanks - and all the best for 2013 to you, too :) Lacey, Happy New Year!