Monday, January 21, 2013

grumpy grump grump

Current work: Medical Romance (aka M&B #56)
Listening to: not at the moment (another reason for grumpiness)
Reading: Rowan Coleman, Dearest Rose (finished and enjoyed, put a real lump in my throat); Sarah Tranter, No Such Thing as Immortality (nice debut); Allison Leigh, Courtney’s Baby Plan (enjoyed); Sarah Mayberry, One Good Reason (utterly fantastic – really emotional read); Lilian Darcy, The Mummy Miracle (enjoyed – excellent execution of an amnesia book); Robin McKinley, Sunshine (enjoyed very much and it’s a shame that she’s not going to write a sequel)

Well, the white stuff has caused utter chaos here. I’ve only set foot outside twice since Tuesday (Thursday, when we walked up to our hairdresser’s; and Saturday, when we picked up Madam’s replacement school sports shirt and did a little shopping – and yes, this did involve a taxi). Cancelled guitar on Tuesday (just as well, as Kett’s Hill was closed for being impassable and Norwich was in gridlock, so I wouldn’t have got home – NB, anyone who thinks that Norfolk is ‘very flat’ has been deeply misled by supercilious Noel Coward. It isn’t). School has been closed all week. My talk was rescheduled. Dance class was cancelled. Sainsbury’s cancelled my grocery delivery on Wednesday (but thankfully they did turn up when I rescheduled it for Friday). Son’s school trip to London was cancelled.

Disruption, disruption, and more disruption.

Yes, we had lovely, pretty wildlife in the back garden (aka two very handsome cock pheasants).


I would really like life back to normal, please. It’s been nice having the kids home, and I’ve enjoyed watching films with them (cough, and lots of Friends reruns – I have no idea why I didn’t catch it first time round, but I’ve really enjoyed the humour) and reading, but I need my routine back.

Yesterday looked really hopeful. It started to melt. But then it started snowing at 3pm. Fine stuff, so I wasn’t that worried… except it didn’t stop, and the roads are awful again this morning. DH went bossy on me and said not to risk it on the roads because they’re worse than they were last Wednesday morning. Rang school to report absence; littlest in particular is going to be very upset about not having a 100% attendance record, but we’re just not taking the risk (especially as son has exams this week). Rang gym to cancel today’s session – weep – and apparently not all the staff can get in, so I feel a bit less of a useless wuss. Tomorrow’s car service – well, I’ll talk to the garage later today and see how things are in the city centre. Provided we get no more of the white stuff, it should be doable.

Dear snow. You were nice for about 5 seconds. But please can you GO AWAY NOW?


Caroline said...

Hugs Kate, the snow is nice too look at but SO disruptive! Caroline x

Shirley Wells said...

Lovely photos of the pheasants! The snow is pretty but even I'm a little tired of it now. Real life grinds to a halt, doesn't it?

I'm a fan of Friends too. I love the warmth and the humour.