Thursday, November 22, 2012

Win a book!

Current work: dirty draft of new Cherish (aka M&B #55)
Listening to: Corelli
Reading: next on TBR (and I was a bit bad last night and bought a few Kindle books – um, it IS normal to read different books in different rooms of the house, isn’t it?)

Busy day today. Tough session at the gym; meeting with my accountant to sign my tax form; and the majority of my Christmas shopping. I did behave and didn’t buy the blingy turquoise reindeer in Paperchase. (But, I mean – my joint favourite colour and it’s a reindeer…) Daughter has opted for lots of little girly pressies (I spend the same amount on the kids, but son wanted one big thing – obviously he’ll have something else to unwrap, but daughter will have a lot more to unwrap because she hasn’t gone for one big thing). It’s going to take me for ever to wrap them, and I HATE WRAPPING. I tried using giftbags last year, but apparently that’s disappointing and takes away all the fun of trying to guess what’s in the parcel. So there was a nice request for ‘proper’ wrapping, this year. (I might make her help me wrap everyone else’s pressies, just so she understands why I hate it. Or maybe it won’t be so bad, doing it with company.)

Late start for work, but it has to be done. In the meantime, do pop over to see Sara at HarlequinJunkie, as she’s giving away a copy of the Baby It’s Cold Outside anthology – AND you can read a bit ☺

And a special thank you to Desere and Fiona for their lovely reviews of the book so far :o) Glad you enjoyed it!


Caroline said...

Like you, I hate wrapping - and like it or not - I rely solely on gift bags ;o). Caroline x

Kate Hardy said...

I might be allowed back to it next year :) But she has promised to help with everyone else's. And we've sorted out the tree decorations today, so it feels all exciting now!