Tuesday, November 27, 2012

And some excellent news

Current work: dirty draft of new Cherish (aka M&B #55)
Listening to: Muse and Athlete
Reading: next on TBR

I had the loveliest email from my ed, yesterday – she’s really pleased with the revisions, loves what I’ve done, and so A DATE WITH THE ICE PRINCESS will be published in July next year (UK and US Harlequin/M&B Medical Romance). I have a Pandora bead in mind :o) And I have my customary bottle of chablis so DH can help me celebrate, though we’re not going to have time to open it until the weekend. (And actually that’ll be nice to share, as it’s the first weekend in December = Godmother weekend = early Christmas, if you read my bit on the USA Today blog yesterday. So yes, this weekend is all about playing board games, talking, laughing – and Christmas dinner.)

Today: well, after all those squats yesterday, I’m a wee bit creaky, so I did the random programme rather than interval training on the cross-trainer and treadmill this morning. (350 calories worth. Which is good.) And now to work. Funny how I can never settle properly to a book until the previous one is done and dusted. But I’m definitely settled now, and ready to work :o)

Have a nice day! Oh, and if you'd like to go and like/tag/buy Baby It's Cold Outside, it's available as an ebook at Amazon UK, Amazon US and Barnes & Noble...


Lacey Devlin said...

Yay! Congratulations on A Date with the Ice Princess! I love that title!

Mary Preston said...

That is excellent news.

Something to look forward to.

Kate Hardy said...

Thank you, Lacey and Mary xxx