Thursday, November 15, 2012

bad bad bad bad bad

Current work: revisions on Med (#54) and dirty draft of new Cherish (aka M&B #55)
Listening to: Beethoven, Def Leppard and Daughtry
Reading: (I have been reading lots)

Sorry – I have neglected you appallingly. I have been busybusybusy, including:

  • Sleepover for daughter (whoever called them that clearly never hosted one because the kids DO NOT SLEEP and then they are horrible and grumpy the next day)
  • Picking up son from Berlin/Poland trip (he had a great time)
  • Sixth form open evenings (yesterday’s was particularly good because I talked to son’s teachers and they gave great advice about his choices – oh, and the chemistry department set off the fire alarm…)
  • Revisions (I have a title… but I’ll share that after the revisions have been sorted because I’m a bit superstitious)
  • Writing
  • Admin (i.e. doing my accounts – and panicking because I’d mislaid my biggest receipt of the year and had to go and get a duplicate – Apple Shop was brilliant and sorted it out for me)
  • Meeting my new accountant (obviously stressful as my former accountant and friend passed away unexpectedly – his widow arranged the transfer and obviously picked someone who had the same kind of attitude as her husband, so the new one is equally nice and am sure we will work well together)
  • Gym – I have been working SO hard, because my fitness dropped appallingly last month when I was off with that cough (two weeks, then a week as normal, and then ANOTHER two weeks). The weight loss is verrry slow, but I'm keeping on with it
  • Christmas planning (I’m in charge of booking all the Christmas meals, plus there’s ‘early Christmas’ weekends to arrange with the godmothers and my closest family, as we won’t see them on the day – and do you have any idea how difficult it is to find presents for a teenage boy? Daughter is dead easy. Son… nooo)
  • Sorting out my parents’ graves (new silk flowers for my mum as it was her birthday last week, and a new vase for the fresh flowers on Dad’s because that went missing) and having coffee with my stepmum
  • Lovely lunch with historical author Louise Allen (I have major envy of her studio, her book collection, her prints and the fact that her husband cooks like an angel – mine doesn’t!) (umm – can I claim that as work? Because it was writer-y…)

There’s probably other stuff in there, too. Note to self: be a bit less hopeless and be a better blogger from now on :o)


Carol Warham said...

Glad to have you back.

Caroline said...

I echo Carol - good to have you back. Busy or what! Caroline x

Mary Preston said...

I'd make you a cup of tea right now if you were here!!

Just breath.

Kate Hardy said...

Carol, Caroline and Mary - thank you xxx