Wednesday, November 28, 2012

new author picture

Current work: dirty draft of new Cherish (aka M&B #55)
Listening to: Muse and Athlete
Reading: next on TBR (and yes, I’m bad, I added more to the Kindle yesterday)

Mills & Boon had a photographer at the lunch in London, the other month, and we all had an official photograph taken. So this is mine (copyright M&B). I'm quite pleased with it as it reflects how I am (on a scrubbed-up day, and Louise Allen and Caroline Anderson had to lend me a comb and sort me out beforehand because - well, I'm just a natural scruff).


Nina Harrington said...

Super photo of you Kate - and the colours are perfect. You must be delighted!

Caroline said...

Lovely! Love your hair colour and necklace too! Caroline x

Mary Preston said...

It's a lovely photograph & you look so happy.

Olivia Ryan said...

Nice one, Kate. I spend such a lot of time taking photos of the family, but never think to get any decent ones taken of me!!