Monday, October 29, 2012

half term, and the joys of cake

Current work: new Cherish
Listening to: nothing because the troops are home
Reading: Lilian Darcy, Daddy on Her Doorstep (enjoyed)

Half term. And it’s a manic one, filled with birthday celebrations, school trips abroad, Hallowe’en, and somehow shoe-horning in all the other things that need doing (including, for the fourth month running, trying to sort out the wretched endowment policy – it’s so annoying that ‘the system can’t cope’ – and it’s even more annoying having to do it with a croaky voice). Hopefully I can shake off this virus and will be back at the gym later this week, but at the moment I’m really missing my sessions.

Anyway. Have a nice Monday, and here’s a cake picture to bring a bit of sparkle – literally!

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