Monday, October 15, 2012

finished - and a lesson learned

Current work: just sent Medical (aka M&B 54) to editor
Listening to: Corelli
Reading: Robyn Carr, Shelter Mountain

Some books really are like pulling teeth. This one’s been difficult, to say the least. My hero and heroine both went stubborn and difficult on me, and everything went like treacle. I learned something from it: if it isn’t working, think about whose point of view you’re using. Sometimes rewriting it from the other’s POV works; or sometimes it crystallises your thoughts and sorts out the problem in the original POV. (Note – don’t delete anything. Cut and paste, and save it in a separate file.)

Can’t remember much of the weekend, as I was still suffering from the lurgy. Apart from watching Felix Baumgartner’s jump (we were all transfixed – loved the colour of the sky that high up) and Downton Abbey (no spoilers here, but if you’ve seen it you’ll guess that, from the books I write, I spotted what was going to happen. I’ve used that as a hero conflict in the past). Maggie Smith’s acting was SUPERB and it made me cry.

Righty. I ought to tidy my desk, now. But I need to print out directions for London tomorrow (not for going to my publisher’s in Richmond, though I probably do need to look that up to remind me because it’s been ages since I went to the office, but for the Barbican, because I think I have time between seeing my ed and seeing bestest cousin to drop in to a certain art installation. And hope the queues have died down a bit!). And I need to paint my nails. And charge my phone and iPad, and dig out the right handbag (the one that fits the iPad, a book and my reading glasses, now I am middle-aged and need them). I have however booked my taxi, so that’s one thing to tick off the list…


Mary Preston said...

I do love DOWNTON ABBEY. Maggie Smith is a long time favorite.

Kate Hardy said...

Mary - absolutely! :)