Thursday, October 11, 2012


Current work: Medical (aka M&B 54)
Listening to: Lucy Rose, Like I Used To
Reading: Robyn Carr, Shelter Mountain

Lurgy is still winning, but I am getting there. Managed dance class last night, and lovely teacher Donna emailed me beforehand to let me know that my shoes had arrived.

Proper dance shoes do make a difference. The bottoms are suede, so it helps you move on a dance floor. And the buckles are easy-release (they look impressive, when on, but you can take them off in two seconds flat).

Note, I am the romance author who lets the side down because I don’t have many pairs of shoes – the ones I scuff around in every day, a pair of good running shoes, two posh (ish) pairs that do duty for author dos/lecturing, and a pair of spotty wellies. But I also have dancing shoes, now :o) And they are incredibly comfortable. It feels as if you're dancing on air.

These ones also remind me a bit of my wedding shoes, because they’re satin and the heel is identical. (Wedding shoes were obviously not this colour - they matched my dress - and were a plain court shoe.) And they have arrived at a serendipitous moment in the current book, as I've just moved a scene or two around. And yes, I have managed to get ballroom dancing into a Med :o)  (Dear ed, look away.)

So what are your favourite shoes?


Natalija said...

Lovely shoes, Kate! My favorite shoes are my new leather Oxford flats. Love them!

Kate Hardy said...

Thanks, Natalija! And flats are great for dog-walking :)

Mary Preston said...

I love your dancing shoes. I'm a comfort shoe person.