Friday, October 19, 2012

perfect day

Current work: outline
Listening to: Bach
Reading: next on TBR

So I did it. Just to prove that I did it, here is the pic of my desk after I tidied it yesterday. (Several bits of paper, a set of guitar strings, a notepad and a book have crept onto it since then.) I've also updated my project list, so everything feels calm and ordered and organised again.

And today is pretty much a perfect day. I had a REALLY good session at the gym this morning – the manager trained me today (first time I’d worked with him), and I learned quite a lot from him. Firstly, that the stability ball works better than millions of sit-ups for core work (and I enjoyed it – it wasn’t complicated, but it was challenging and I’d like to do more work on that). Secondly, that when I do interval training I need to make the slow bits MUCH slower, to get that big change in heart rate (which is more effective than elevating it all the time). He might be the first person in history to get me to slow down :o)

I’m working on a new outline today (and tinkering with another). As I’m a planner, this is one of my favourite parts of writing a book – the beginning, where all things are possible.

And I have Shakespeare tonight. (RSC, at the Theatre Royal in Norwich – with son.)

So even though it’s drizzly and unpleasant outside, today is just a lovely, lovely day (and I hope I haven’t just jinxed myself and made the stressors in my life flare up!).

Have a nice weekend :o)

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Mary Preston said...

The days where everything just sails along are to be treasured.

I wish it was drizzly here. It's unbelievably hot & it's only October. A storm is threatening, so I hope that cools it down.